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Attention Boomers: 2020 Democratic Candidates Don't Want Your Vote

By Rick Moran |

My PJM colleague Jim Treacher has the story of Beto O'Rourke's plunge into the maelstrom that is the 2020 Democratic race for the presidential nomination. Beto is expected to do well with several factions of Democratic voters, including Hispanics and the young. As Treacher points out, he already has the press in his corner.

But the ever-burgeoning field of candidates presents a problem for anyone wanting the nomination. The money, the energy, and the passion are with younger voters, but the majority of voters who will cast their ballots for Democratic candidates are over 45.

Hey Democrats! Remember the Baby Boomers?

Old political hand Ron Brownstein writing in The Atlantic:

The competition might be especially spirited for younger voters. Sanders, despite his own age, dominated this demographic in 2016 with his crusty authenticity; he won more than 70 percent of those ages 18 to 34, according to the cumulative exit poll. With his mastery of social media, and his skill at framing choices more in terms of values than policies, O’Rourke in Texas displayed an electric capacity to mobilize young people: He carried more than 70 percent of voters under 30 in his Senate race. With that in mind, some Sanders supporters are already privately signaling that they are prepared to attack O’Rourke from the left, arguing that he’s too centrist for younger voters.

Those attacks are already well underway. O'Rourke is an addle-brained liberal, but he looks like a centrist compared to Sanders.     [...more]

Waging War Against the Dead

By Victor Davis Hanson |

The 21st century is in danger of becoming an era of statue smashing and historical erasure. Not since the iconoclasts of the Byzantine Empire or the epidemic of statue destruction during the French Revolution has the world seen anything like the current war on the past.

In 2001, the primeval Taliban blew up two ancient Buddha statues in Afghanistan on grounds that their very existence was sacrilegious to Islam.

In 2015, ISIS militants entered a museum in Mosul, Iraq, and destroyed ancient, pre-Islamic statues and idols. Their mute crime? These artifacts predated the prophet Muhammad.

The West prides itself in the idea that liberal societies would never descend into such nihilism. Think again.

In the last two years there has been a rash of statue toppling throughout the American South, aimed at wiping out memorialization of Confederate heroes. The pretense is that the Civil War can only be regarded as tragic in terms of the present oppression of the descendants of Southern slaves --154 years after the extinction of the Confederate states.      [...more]

Gov. Ron DeSantis makes final pitch for ‘bold’ reforms in State of the State speech

By Emily L. Mahoney  |

TALLAHASSEE — Speaking to a packed Florida House on the opening day of the two-month legislative session, Gov. Ron DeSantis urged Florida lawmakers on Tuesday to support a conservative agenda that may end a brief period of faint bipartisan hopes in the Capitol.

“We here today are united in insisting that the constitutional protections central to a free society are honored for all of our citizens,” he said during his state of the state address. “Let’s fight the good fight … so that when Floridians look back on the fruits of this session, they will see it as one of our finest hours.”

Those aspirational sentiments were in keeping with the tone of DeSantis’ first two months in office. He’s established a breakneck pace in traveling the state, announcing core conservative policies with a smattering of moderate stances on issues, especially on the environment, that have given Democrats something to cheer.

But after weeks of policy announcements across the state, the opening of the legislative session marks the time when promises become bill language — and the grinding out of policy specifics turn political platitudes into fights and horse-trading.       [...more]