Florida Schools Reopened Without Becoming Covid-19 Superspreaders

By Arian Campo-Flores | www.wsj.com

As school districts around the U.S. continue to grapple with whether to reopen classrooms amid the coronavirus pandemic, data shows Florida started in-person learning without turning schools into superspreaders.

The state was one of the earliest to resume in-person instruction in August, following an executive order by Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran that directed districts to provide families the option of classroom learning five days a week or risk losing funding. The mandate triggered outcry among some teachers and parents who considered it risky, and drew unsuccessful lawsuits aimed at blocking it.

In the seven months since, Florida schools have avoided major outbreaks of Covid-19 and maintained case rates lower than those in the wider community. Mr. Corcoran said 80% of students in Florida are now attending schools in-person full- or part-time.    <READ MORE>

It’s time for Biden to come out of the basement, address the border crisis, answer questions, and reopen our schools. As he continues to hide, it’s clear that his administration’s priority is not to speak with the American people but to “protect their principal.”


Americans deserve better than a president who can’t be found when it matters most.


Rapid Response Director

Republican National Committee

Team Biden imposes a media blackout

By Joe Concha | thehill.com

"Our entire administration will always be honest and transparent with the good news and the bad. We’ll level with you when we make a mistake. We’ll straight up say what happened." 

That was President Biden on Jan. 21, a day after being sworn into office.

Today, two months and zero solo press conferences later, the Biden administration is on track to be the least transparent administration in the TV era. Another example of shutting out the press is underway at the U.S.-Mexico border, where said administration has imposed a media blackout on its migrant holding facilities, formerly known as "kids in cages" under the previous administration before the term apparently was retired by most of the media and by Democratic politicians out of courtesy to Team Biden. 

The administration also is restricting the information that the Border Patrol can provide to the press, according to a recent NBC News report   <READ MORE>