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A Texas Sized Abuse of Power

Karl Rove,

The indictment on Friday of Texas Gov. Rick Perry on charges that he abused his powers is an outrageous—but not unprecedented—abuse of prosecutorial power. And it may come back to haunt those responsible.

The indictment itself caused a storm of denunciation, including by liberals. Former Obama senior adviser David Axelrod dismissed it as "pretty sketchy." Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said this is "what happens in totalitarian societies." The Washington Post, Boston Globe and New York Times were critical.

The events that led to these condemnations can be traced to April 15, 2013, when Travis County (Austin) District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg was arrested for drunk driving. There was an open vodka bottle in her car and her blood alcohol was nearly three times the legal limit. She abused her jailers, had to be restrained, and was fitted with a spit mask. It's all on YouTube. Ms. Lehmberg pleaded guilty and served 45 days in jail.   [...more]

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From Cupcakes to the Police, Fed Up with Government

George Will,

In physics, a unified field theory is an attempt to explain with a single hypothesis the behavior of several fields. Its political corollary is the Cupcake Postulate, which explains everything , from Missouri to Iraq, concerning Americans’ comprehensive withdrawal of confidence from government at all levels and all areas of activity.

Washington’s response to the menace of school bake sales illustrates progressivism’s ratchet: The federal government subsidizes school lunches, so it must control the lunches’ contents, which validates regulation of what it calls “competitive foods,” such as vending machine snacks. Hence the need to close the bake sale loophole, through which sugary cupcakes might sneak: Foods sold at fundraising bake sales must, with some exceptions, conform to federal standards.   [...more]