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GOP Chairwoman: No Democrat can match the enthusiasm for President Trump

By Chairwomen McDaniel -

FAULKNER: Well speaking of that, President Trump set to officially launch his 2020 reelection campaign tomorrow with a rally in Orlando. Some of people are already lining up, that's what we're seeing on the ground there, while the President claims more than 100,000 people have requested tickets for this event. Talk to me about the roll out, what will it look like?


CHAIRWOMAN MCDANIEL: First of all, Harris, I've never seen a candidate like President Trump or anybody garner this type of crowd over and over and over again. He's done this for three years, and 100,000 people have rsvped. Not one candidate on the Democrat side could get this.


FAULKNER: Do you expect there will be some people who didn't vote for this President in line, just out of curiosity?


CHAIRWOMAN MCDANIEL: Absolutely, I think there will be people saying he did deliver. My wages are up, there have been jobs have been coming back. This is the President who is getting things done. We like him. So we're going to be there registering voters at the RNC.


FAULKNER: So you see it as a registration event and maybe a way to push in on people who may be on the fence or whatever. I was talking about this on Outnumbered last hour, when you have the kind of polling that came in from Fox News with the President behind some of these some of these Democratic contenders, you say it's early, people need a reason to get out, though. And if you say you've always got it, Democrats have learned this, too, the also "we've got it, we've got it." It gives them a reason to come out.


CHAIRWOMAN MCDANIEL: We want our voters to be urgent, we want them to know what is at stake. They've seen a media that has been 93% negative, this President had an unprecedented level of negativity coming his way and accomplished so much. We absolutely need our base energized but they have been. That's why we are raising record money, that's why you have a rally like we have tomorrow. There's nobody brings more energy to the American people than President Trump.   ....more

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