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Scott Files Lawsuits, Says He Won’t Let “Unethical Liberals” Steal Election

Florida senate candidate and outgoing Governor Rick Scott spoke to the media from in front of the governor’s mansion in Tallahassee early Thursday night.

Scott had harsh words for the elections supervisors in Broward County, Dr. Brenda Snipes, and in Palm Beach County, Susan Bucher.

He accused them of “rampant fraud” and announced that he has filed a lawsuit against both supervisors for failing to meet a state deadline to report early and mail-in ballot totals.

That deadline was 7:30 p.m. on Election Night, which was Tuesday.

“The people of Florida deserve fairness and transparency,” Scott said.

He said he believes that both counties will continue to “mysteriously” come up with ballots until they get the elections results they want.

Scott said that none of Florida’s other 65 counties are involved in “shenanigans,” like this.    [...more]

Sessions Out, Whitaker In — For Now, and Maybe for Good

By Andrew C. McCarthy,

Matthew Whitaker is well credentialed and an excellent choice to assume the duties of attorney general.

Is Matthew Whitaker a placeholder who can manage Special Counsel Robert Mueller until President Trump decides on a permanent successor for ousted Attorney General Jeff Sessions? It’s possible, but it’s also conceivable that Mr. Whitaker’s temporary gig as acting attorney general is an audition for the job. Feeling like he’s been burned once, and then saddled for the better part of two years with an AG he could no longer abide, the president may want a trial run before he settles on a “permanent” replacement. (I use scare-quotes because what, these days, is permanent?)

To repeat what I had occasion to say about a week ago, I am a Sessions fan, and I think he got a raw deal. That said, it was time for Trump and Sessions to part ways. The former AG should be proud that he performed admirably and was a very effective proponent of the president’s agenda. I continue to believe his recusal from the so-called Russia investigation was premature and overbroad, but there is no doubt that a recusal of some extent would have been necessary. The president is kidding himself if he thinks otherwise. And it was not Sessions but Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — a Trump appointee — who decided to name a special counsel.      [...more]

Forget the blue wave and behold the purple puddle

Glenn Harlan Reynolds, Opinion columnist,

Well, it wasn’t the huge Blue Wave we were promised, a change in Congress on a par with the Tea Party’s “shellacking” of President Barack Obama in 2010, or President Bill Clinton’s big midterm losses in 1994. It looks more like a Blue Slosh. Or maybe a Purple Puddle. The Democrats regained some ground, but it wasn’t the overwhelming repudiation of President Donald Trump and the Republicans they were hoping for.

As I write this, it looks as if Democrats will control the House of Representatives by a narrow margin, while the GOP keeps control of the Senate. What does that mean? Gridlock.

Is that good? It just might be.

The idea that gridlock is good is based on the notion that most of what Congress does is probably bad, and that when Congress can’t do much we’re better off. As Bill Kort wrote in 2017, “Gridlock is good because when Congress is tied up in knots they can’t do anything to hurt us. This idea has been verified by the market many times over the past 25 years.”     [...more]