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A Nation of Laws... Sort of

Victor Davis Hanson,

Any fair reading of State Department and general federal government laws regarding the use of classified information by federal employees makes it is clear that Hillary Clinton violated the law—both by improperly setting up her own private server, and then by sending information through it that was classified. And it is evident that Clinton went to such extraordinary lengths in order to mask her communications and shield them from the sort of Freedom of Information Act suits that now are plaguing her—and that she arbitrarily decided which of her private server emails were public and which private, and then simply destroyed thousands of them without audit.    [...more]

Office of Congressional Ethics calls for full investigation of Alan Grayson

John Sexton,

Last month Ed noted that the House Ethics Committee was opening an investigation into apparent moonlighting by Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson. Tuesday, the Office of Congressional Ethics published a 74-page report detailing its findings recommending the committee undertake a full investigation of multiple allegations against Grayson. From the report, here are the six separate areas where Grayson may have violated house rules and/or federal law:    [...more]