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RPOF Adopts Resolution Condemning the Indictment of President Donald J. Trump.

“WHEREAS President Donald J. Trump has been corruptly and unlawfully targeted by the Soros-funded prosecutor Alvin Bragg through an indictment based upon political grounds.

WHEREAS it’s imperative that the Republican Party unify in a show of force against the radical weaponization of the federal government and criminal justice system.

FURTHERMORE, the corrupt and unlawful targeting of President Donald J. Trump is the single greatest act of election interference in American history.

The Republican Party of Florida condemns the unlawful and corrupt prosecution of Donald J. Trump, and we demand that all Republicans members of Florida’s Congressional Delegation and State Government exercise all legal and procedural means necessary to prevent and impede it.”

-May 13, 2023

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Kevin Van Ostenbridge
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Tampa Bay Times Endorsement of Val Demings: An Alternative Approach

Perhaps an alternative editorial board approach to the slavish adherence to an ideology or a political party would be to analyze and consider the individual personal quality, professional experience, and job execution of candidates? Perhaps comparing those characteristics would be more useful for the citizens of Florida in the projected environment? Perhaps that evaluation should be based on merit, objectivity, and comprehensive intellect, rather than race, gender, and national origin? Perhaps an approach truly comparing past performance and projected potential of a candidate’s impact would change the trajectory of the abysmally low (and sinking) public opinion of the media in America? Perhaps journalism that clearly separates factual reporting from partisan opining will enhance the effect of editorial endorsements?

The Times endorsement clearly did not take this approach in coming to its “conclusion” recommending Rep. Demings for U.S. Senator to its readership in the Tampa Bay area. The incumbent U.S. Senator, Marco Rubio, to all but the most biased, clearly has a qualitative edge that was all but disregarded by the Board. An editorial board with courage might have balanced the candidate qualities more objectively. Notwithstanding their political preferences, they might even have taken a neutral stand! But no! As they did in 2018 when they endorsed the drug addled, morally challenged, Mayor of Tallahassee for Governor, they endorsed the Democratic nominee for Senator on the basis of race, gender and far left political orthodoxy. The real question is, will they have the courage and independence to print this letter?

Walter K. Steiner

Captain, U. S. Navy (Retired)

“Walter Steiner is a retired member of the United States Navy. Use of military rank, service and job titles does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense.”

Letter to the Sarasota Herald Tribune

Dear Editor,

Senator Marco Rubio is a key and influential proponent for a strong and effective U.S. national security. His comprehensive grasp of American national security includes not only our military preparedness and international foreign policy leadership, but also our economic and energy security, public health security, immigration/border security and humanitarian rights policies. He is a recognized international advocate for our American national interest, a vital influencer in the global world of competing sovereign interests and the strongest proponent for the values of human rights. As a first-generation offspring of parents who fled Communist Cuba, he viscerally understands the inhumanity of Communism and authoritarianism.

While voters generally focus on “kitchen table” issues, recent global events, including COVID, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, supply chain disruptions, rising food scarcity, and skyrocketing inflation and energy costs, all inform us of the interrelationship between our daily lives and the unforeseen dynamic shocks that impact America on the larger world scene. There is no better prepared nor more articulate political leader on international affairs in the United States Congress than Senator Rubio.   Florida needs our Senator to continue his hard work keeping America safe and delivering on America’s promise!! He deserves your vote in November.

Walter K. Steiner
8071 Royal Birkdale Circle
Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202

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