Being a Precinct Committeeman or Precinct Committeewoman is an important role. By choosing to become active in the MCREC, you represent the Republican Party in your voting precinct. You can be instrumental in electing Republican officials by promoting the Republican Party and getting Republicans to vote in your community.

Some suggested activities are, but not limited to:

  • Get to know the members of your community
  • Help identify unregistered conservatives and get them registered as voters.
  • Help direct Independents and Democrats who would like to change their party affiliation to Republican.
  • Counsel your precinct on elections; distribute literature and information on Republican candidates, amendments, and election law.
  • Help organize meetings and events; invite Republican candidates for meet and greets at churches, civic groups and clubs.
  • Encourage Republicans to attend / join local Republican Clubs’ events.
  • Walk door to door and leave a card or message, if possible.
  • Help organize a team who will get voters to the polls get them out to vote
  • Be a poll watcher on Election Day, to observe that the process is fair. Help keep voters informed — if you cannot answer a question, please contact the MCREC Office and then get back to the voter with an answer as soon as possible.