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Manatee County Republican Executive Committee

About the MCREC

The Manatee County Republican Executive Committee serves as the vital operational arm and governing authority of the Republican Party within our county. Our primary objective is to actively engage, educate, and mobilize Republican voters by addressing pertinent issues and supporting candidates who steadfastly uphold the fundamental values of our party.

With a dedicated focus on informing and assisting our community members, we strive to foster an environment where Republican ideals thrive. By championing candidates who embody the principles of limited government, individual freedom, fiscal responsibility, and free enterprise, we aim to ensure that our county’s leadership aligns with the values cherished by Republicans across Manatee County. Together, through informed decision-making and active participation, we can shape a future that reflects the essence of our Republican beliefs and aspirations.

Here is a message from your Chair

Uniting the Republican Party in Manatee County

Dear Fellow Republicans,

As Chair of the Manatee County Republican Executive Committee, I am honored to address you with a message of unity and purpose. In these crucial times, our commitment to the principles of the Republican Party is paramount, and I am dedicated to ensuring that our party remains a beacon of hope and strength for all who believe in conservative values.

Our party’s strength lies in our shared commitment to the core values of the Republican Party, including the right to life, limited constitutional government, individual freedom and personal responsibility, free enterprise and free markets, fiscal restraint and responsibility, as well as parental power and choice for children’s education, unites us in our common purpose. It is this unity of purpose that empowers us to overcome challenges and advance these foundational principles in Manatee County.

Together, let us stand strong in our convictions, uplift one another, and work tirelessly to advance the Republican cause in Manatee County. With unity as our guiding principle, there is no challenge too great for us to overcome. Thank you for your unwavering dedication to our party and our community.


April Culbreath
Manatee County Republican Executive Committee Chair


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